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[How to block Internet access for programs on Linux]

There are times when we may need to block a specific program from accessing the Internet. I’m not saying while analysing some malicious executable, for that you should use a virtual environment (for starters). What if you want to block a text editor like Visual Studio Code? It is SCARY to look at the Wireshark/tcpdump output while executing it! Before even loading my file, it already made several DNS requests and established 4 TCP connections; and that’s with disabled analytics/metrics reports.

[How to import .vmdk to Proxmox (qemu)]

This is a short post on how to easily and quickly import a .vmdk disk type into your qemu powered virtualization manager (like Proxmox). While the solution may look VERY simple, this actually took me about half of a day to research/test/fail/troubleshoot/etc., so I really hope it may help other people (and me in future, when coming back to this post).

[Install Docker on CentOS 8]

CentOS 8 is already here with major updates. One of them being the replacement of well known yum with dnf package manager. All these updates make the upgrade from CentOS 7 to CentOS 8 difficult and it’s even not supported officially. So, in most cases people end up building new CentOS 8 servers and migrating the apps to new infrastructure, or try and upgrade it manually risking running an unsupported version of the OS. You can find more details on this forum thread.

[Extract from pdf with textract. HOW TO]

Good day, everyone! This short tutorial explains how to extract text from pdf files, using Python’s textract module. I am going to show you how to install it correctly. So, feel free to leave a comment below.