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Challenges: Updated collection

This is the collection of crackme challenges I ever created. Feel free to download them and test your skills (:

In case you are planning to use them in any CTF challenges, a short note about the author would be much appreciated.

Enjoy and I hope you have fun!

Name Description Lvl Added on
chain_of_secrets Extract the flag from this TOP SECRET image EASY 2019-05-20
broken_matryoshka The flag is inside this "matryoshka". Maybe repair it? EASY 2019-05-20
the_flag_within Who said that JavaScript is not fun? Especially obfuscated JS EASY 2019-05-20
insider_threat Just find the flag. It's somewhere in there =)) EASY 2019-05-20
hackers_vault Android reversing with cats and hashes. (hint... less than 1Hr) EASY 2019-05-20
deep_dive Binaries can be tricky. But not this one :D EASY 2019-05-20