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[ CrackMe challenges for Android ]

Let’s solve some crackme challenges for Android. This post is going to be updated once new crackmes are out. All files have been tested both, in emulator and on physical device, so running them shouldn’t be a problem.


This is the page where I’m going to post all my crackme challenges for Android. There are 3 difficulties: EASY, MEDIUM, HARD, let’s keep it simple =)) All samples are intended to run smoothly on Android Emulator, so no hardware devices are necessary (however, you can use one if you want to).

If you have any questions or just want to say “hi”, feel free to ping me (contacts at the bottom of the page).


There are several Android tools you will probably need. It’s not a definitive list, so feel free to use anything else:

Crackme apps.

Here’s the list of .apk files:

Name Description Difficulty Added on
crackme_0x01 The very basic crackme challenge. Gives you chance to get familiar with all Android RE tools EASY June 24, 2018
crackme_0x02 What if JD-GUI doesn’t show you the password? EASY June 24, 2018
crackme_0x03 Some hashes, cats and strings generation. EASY August 9, 2018

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