Author: Sveatoslav

CrackMe challenges for Android

  Description. This is the page where I’m going to post all my crackme challenges for Android. There are 3 difficulties: EASY, MEDIUM, HARD, let’s keep it simple =)) All samples are intended to run smoothly on Android Emulator, so no hardware devices are necessary (however, you can use one if you want to). If […]

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How to flood. Newsletters vs humanity

Aloha! Today I’m gonna show you a simple yet powerful way to flood any mail box from ANY Email Service Provider (ex.: Google, Yahoo, [aka Hotmail], etc.). This method uses the “flaws” in subscribe feature on many websites. NOTE: All information and scripts presented in this article are for research/educational purpose ONLY.

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Traffic mirroring setup on OpenWRT device

This simple tutorial describes how to configure traffic mirroring on your OpenWRT capable router (using iptables) and send it to Snort IDS. Having an IDS running in your local network sometimes can help find infected machines connected to it, LAN attacks which can lead to sessions hijacking, Man-in-the-middle attacks and other nasty things.

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